The Heraldry of Lydiard Park's owners


The owners of Lydiard Park have a great heraldic history. The name Lydiard Tregoze originates from the 12th century when Robert Tregoz married Sibilla de Ewyas. Sibilla's inheritance included Lydiard in Wiltshire, an area of land which was much bigger than the size of the Park today and had been associated with Ewyas Harold since the beginning of the 11th century.

For a brief time Lydiard was claimed by Despencer, the favourite of Edward II, but Lord Grandison and his wife Sibyl Tregoz had Lydiard returned to them after Despencer's death.

Before the St.John family inherited Lydiard it had belonged to Ewyas, Tregoz, Grandison, Pateshulle and Beauchamp. A continuous blood line owning Lydiard from the 11th to the 20th century!

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