Lady Johanna St.John’s book of remedies and recipes, late 17th C. Copyright: The Wellcome Library

For more than 50 years, the Friends of Lydiard Park have been acquiring, aggregating, writing and storing research connected with Lydiard House and Park. This includes the contents of the museum, the history of the St. John family, other families connected with the St. Johns and the Parish of Lydiard Tregoze.

The most comprehensive research pertaining to Lydiard was published in the form of annual historical Reports (1968 – 2007) by the charity’s precursor, The Friends of Lydiard Tregoz. However, archive material also exists in digital, printed and written records dispersed among multiple repositories, digital records and storage facilities in the UK and abroad. The Friends are currently developing a major project – Project Archive – to bring this information together and make it widely accessible.

Project Archive

The intent of Project Archive is to identify, acquire, catalogue and scan/photograph documents to form a digital archive accessible for academic and general research. The Friends are also forming active collaborations with records offices, universities and repositories to exchange data and enhance record access. We are partnering with the Wiltshire and Swindon Heritage Centre to secure the first tranche of documents and research papers. This collection, comprising of fifty years’ of Friends of Lydiard Tregoze Reports, supporting research and books is being catalogued and stored, pending digitalization.

We are excited to be working along with Swindon Borough Council and The Wiltshire Heritage Centre to preserve and make public these unique and fascinating records spanning more than 600 years of history.

Genealogical Research

The St. John family is recorded over many centuries. There are several spellings of their surname and the pronunciation of the name is ‘Sin-Jun’. Family historian Sonia St. John has created a thoroughly researched and expanding website which records the family tree, traced back to Alfred the Great, including many maternal lines.

The family tree is fully illustrated and an invaluable tool for anyone connected with the family or researching their ancestry.

Research Members of The Friends of Lydiard Park may access the site by clicking below. The site is monitored and only updated with new information after careful investigation. Every effort is made to ensure that entries are correct but if you notice something that may be missing or is demonstrably wrong, please contact

Please note that the family tree site is run on a voluntary basis and allow one week before expecting a response. We are grateful for your patience and understanding.

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What’s Your Research?

If you are undertaking research connected with Lydiard House and Park, please do let us know.

My Research

As a Research Friend of Lydiard Park you will have full access to Project Archive and the genealogical website. With your help we can bring more fascinating material to light.