A Christmas Tour of Lydiard House with Debra Melsom, followed by a festive afternoon tea

Date: 11th December, 2022

Time: 2pm

Venue: Lydiard House & St. Mary’s Lydiard Tregoze

Enjoy the traditional Christmas decorations at Lydiard House, then a delightful festive tea.

Enjoy the traditional Christmas decorations in the State Rooms at Lydiard House in the company of Debra Melsom whose family have been associated with Lydiard Park and the Bolingbroke estate for over 200 years.

 As well as telling stories and legends as she guides you around the State Rooms of Lydiard House, Debra will describe how the House and Church once looked within their wider 18th century landscape setting.  Revealing snippets of Frederick St John’s elaborate survey of the Manor of Lydiard Tregoze in 1766  she  will draw you into the world  of Lydiard past with reflections on her own ancestors who lived and worked within the Bolingbroke estate, worshipped and plied their trades in St Mary’s Church.

Debra will show personal family photographs of some of these workers – William who was Gardener to Lord Bolingbroke and Jacob, Parish Clerk at Lydiard Tregoze whose gravestone lies between the House and Church.  180 years ago, mischievous Edwin left his mark both inside and outside St Mary’s Church, and Debra will explain where to find this, along with similar inscriptions left by fellow workers.

The tour will be followed by a festive tea of mince pies, cream and brandy butter in the North wing of the House.