All Jangle and Riot – a romp through the fascinating history of church bell ringing

Date: 18th November 2020

Time: 7pm - 8pm (session will open at 6:45pm)

Venue: Live online talk

Bells as you’ve never heard them…..

Steve Coleman, bell ringer and author

A romp through the fascinating history of church bell ringing.

Bells and bell ringing as you’ve never heard them. Steve Coleman, bell ringer and author, brings their history to life, describing their role, significance and bizarre Englishness throughout the centuries.

For a thousand years church bells have been deeply rooted in our culture; yet Steve will tell how they’ve been rung in a uniquely English way with uniquely English traditions – and uniquely strange goings-on in the secrecy of the belfries.

Bells have been nationally important too, and from his research of Government papers never accessed before, Steve will reveal the astonishing truth of the bell silence during World War 2 and the curious history of Big Ben. Drawing on local research he’ll also reveal some alarming high jinks by American GI’s in the belfry of St. Mary’s Lydiard Tregoze.

Steve Coleman has written extensively on bell ringing and the social history of bells; his books are go to publications for anyone interested in exploring the subject.