Historic Heroines 3 – Lady Ann St. John Wilmot: Spymistress to Charles II

Date: 8th September 2020

Time: 7pm - 8pm (session will open at 6:45pm)

Venue: Live online talk

Author Elizabeth St. John travels to Cromwell’s Commonwealth as Anne St.John Wilmot, Lady Rochester, secretly conspires with the Sealed Knot to restore King Charles to England’s throne.

Author, Elizabeth St.John

Author Elizabeth St. John takes us undercover into the world of the Sealed Knot as she introduces us to Anne St.John Wilmot, the daughter of Lydiard’s 1st Baronet, and wife to Henry Wilmot, Earl of Rochester.

Working with and against her cousins, Frances Apsley and Luce Hutchinson, Anne navigates the swiftly changing politics of England under Cromwell’s Commonwealth. Defying convention, she creates a safe house for the King’s Royalists, creates a spy communication network stretching from England to the exiled court in Paris, and saves her Parliamentarian cousin, regicide John Hutchinson, from execution. Utilising resources such as contemporary notebooks and letters, Elizabeth St.John concludes the Lydiard Chronicles with a fascinating insight into 17th Century politics and intrigue, and demonstrates how love and loyalty can conquer fear and separation.