How Genealogists Use DNA

Date: 19th April 2023

Time: DOORS OPEN 7pm Talk will start 7.30 pm

Venue: Lydiard House Main Hall

Referencing the St.John’s of Lydiard Park, family historian Sonia St.John provides a fascinating guide to the meaning of DNA test results and what they can tell you.

Sonia St.John will deliver our first 2023 talk.

Have you ever thought about having your DNA tested? What might you discover? Sonia St.John whose research into the St. John family of Lydiard Tregoze has brought so many intriguing stories to light, provides a layman’s guide to DNA testing from a family historian’s perspective.

Using data from the St. John family in the early 17th century and up to the present day, Sonia shows how family connections can be proven. She also references the famous case of identifying the body of Richard III.

This is the first of our 2023 talks and ticket prices include a complimentary glass of wine or a soft drink if preferred.