The Lydiard Chronicles Lecture Tour

US Event

Date: February and March 2020

Venue: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado and Tenessee…

Tales from Inside the Tower of London - Presented by the English Speaking Union of the United States

Join Elizabeth St.John, historian and best-selling author, on a journey back in time to England’s infamous Tower of London and its notorious prisoners. What made Sir Walter Raleigh spend most of his time in a hen-house? Did the Wizard Earl of Northumberland succeed in discovering the Philosphers’ Stone? And why did William Shakespeare perpetuate the story of the murdered Princes in the Tower? Elizabeth’s ancestress, Lucy St.John lived in the Tower from 1617-1630 as the Keeper’s wife, and is the subject of her historical fiction trilogy The Lydiard Chronicles. From first hand accounts, memoirs and hidden archives, Elizabeth shares the secret life of the Tower of London.

Feb 4th Winter Park, Florida
Feb 6th Savannah, Georgia
Feb 8th Atlanta, Georgia
Feb 9th Jacksonville, Florida

March 8th New Orleans, Louisiana
March 10th Kansas City, Missouri
March 11th Denver, Colorado
March 12th Memphis, Tennessee
March 14th Nashville, Tennessee

The English-Speaking Union of the United States was created to fulfil a mission. It was formally organized in the United States in 1920, two years after the establishment of its counterpart in Britain, the ESU of the British Commonwealth, and arose from the conviction of its founder, Sir Evelyn Wrench and a group of like-minded American and British friends, that maintenance of the close personal and national ties forged during World War I was necessary for the preservation of peace. Sir Evelyn firmly believed that given the opportunity to know one another personally, people who shared a common language would soon discover that they also shared similar values, whatever their differences in nationality or background.