Spring Emerges!

As March arrives, so it feels as though Spring is definitely in the air. However that same air that can feel pleasantly warm this month can also bring a blast of cold and even snow. It’s a busy time for wildlife, with plants starting to push through animals emerging from hibernation and birds arriving from warmer climates.

By Thermos – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia

In the park at Lydiard look out for wild primroses in the woodland clearings. They are one of the earliest flowers to emerge in spring and are a great source for nectar for the early bees and butterflies. Primroses were the favourite flower of British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli and the flower is also an emblem that appears in heraldry!

Whilst you’re in the woods, look out for the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker the smallest of the UK’s woodpeckers which will be drumming on trees in March to establish their territories and find a mate, and down on the lake there will be our usual ducks and geese – maybe the elusive Lydiard otter will also put in another appearance!

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