World Environment Day

June 5th is World Environment Day. It is a time for us to appreciate the environment we live in and to protect our natural surroundings. It’s all about the many ways in which we interact with our environment. As the World Environment Day statement says: “Outside of our homes is the actual home we all live in and preserving it for future generations is more crucial than ever.”

Here in Swindon we are fortunate to have some wonderful parks and open spaces of which Lydiard Park is just one. Places like Lydiard give us space to relax and unwind, to explore, to play and to enjoy events and activities. World Environment Day helps us to reconnect with nature. Sometimes we can forget how much natural systems support our wellbeing, but we are a part of nature and we depend upon it.

So why not make the most of World Environment Day – and the summer month of June – by going out and enjoying Lydiard Park. There are 260 acres of historic landscape with lawns, woodlands, pastures and the lakes to explore. There are ancient trees, a walled garden, wildlife, plants and insects.

June is the month of the longest day and the summer solstice. Butterflies and moths are on the wing, bats are out in the dusk, adults birds are collecting food for fledglings. Look out for green shield bugs and different types of ladybird we have in the UK (there are 26!) Have a wonderful time wildlife-spotting!

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