‘Henry, the King’s Cavalier’ – a new story for fans of The Lydiard Chronicles

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A man may think his life is only measured by battles fought for the king. Until he meets a woman worth fighting for!

For the thousands of readers who have been following the Lydiard Chronicles worldwide, ‘Henry, the King’s Cavalier’ brings a new spin on Elizabeth St.John’s third chronicle ‘Written in their Stars’ with its dramatic portrayal of espionage and family secrets following the execution of Charles 1st in 1649.

Henry Wilmot. Cavalier. Seasoned soldier. Grieving widower. On the eve of battle he is sent by the king to requisition arms. What he did not expect was that the supplies were a gift from a feisty and attractive widow who was hiding her own Royalist beliefs in plain sight. Even more alarming was that his quest took him into the heart of an enemy Parliamentarian household. Will Henry survive the fight of his life? And will Nan remember him if he does?



King Charles the 2nd in Disguise rideing before Mrs Lane by which he made his Escape; the Lord Wilmot at a distance’, early 18th Century engraving by Michael Vandergucht. Reproduced courtesy (and copyright) of The National Portrait Gallery

Henry Wilmot was intimately connected with the St. John’s of Lydiard Park. His wife Ann (or Nan as she is known in the Lydiard Chronicles) was the daughter of Sir John St.John whose portrait, along with many others featuring the men and women who populate The Lydiard Chronicles, hang in Lydiard House. You can even see ‘Nan’ as a child, kneeling at the foot of her parent’s tomb in St. Mary’s Church next to the mansion.

Author, Elizabeth St.John

Describing her latest counterpoint story the author says:

 ‘A counterpoint is a melody played in conjunction with another, or an opposing viewpoint in an argument. Our lives are complex, and each one of us carries within us a counterpoint to another’s story. Henry the King’s Cavalier is a counterpoint to Nan Wilmot, from ‘Written in Their Stars.’

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