Webinar Recordings

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If you missed some of our webinar talks the  first time around, you can now catch up by watching recordings of our ‘Historic Heroines’ series and other fascinating topics. Engaging and authoritative talks by our knowledgeable speakers draw you into a world of history and intrigue from Civil War espionage to the secrets of Big Ben.

Empty Corridors

A fascinating journey through Lydiard House before its restoration.


From Manor House to Stately Home: Transformation and Reputation of Lydiard Park

Conservation Architect Michael Gray explores the radical remodelling of Lydiard House in the 18th Century, the family tensions that accompanied it and how the old medieval manor house can still be traced within the Palladian mansion we know today.


Historic Heroines: Spymistress to Charles II by Elizabeth St.John

Author Elizabeth St. John travels to Cromwell’s Commonwealth as Anne St.John Wilmot, Lady Rochester, secretly conspires with the Sealed Knot to restore King Charles to England’s throne.


Historic Heroines: The Lady of the Tower by Elizabeth St.John

Author Elizabeth St.John brings a new perspective to one of the world’s most famous castles and prisons – The Tower of London and her ancestress Lucy St. John.


All Jangle and Riot: Bell Ringing through History

Bells and bell ringing as you’ve never heard them. Steve Coleman, bell ringer and author, brings their history to life, describing their role, significance and bizarre Englishness throughout the centuries.