Christmas Snippets from the Local Newspaper

North Wiltshire Herald 24th December 1924

LYDIARD TREGOZE. WHIST DRIVE.—A very successful whist drive, promoted by Mrs. Hervey White and Mrs. E. G. Woolford, took place in the Schoolroom at. Hook in aid of the Nursing Association. Thirty-one tables were occupied. A special lady’s prize was given by Viscountess Bolingbroke, and a special gentleman’s prize by Mr. R. Hiscock, and there was a number of other awards of “Christmas fare.” The latter included two couples of fowls, rabbits and plum puddings. A very enjoyable evening was spent, and the proceeds amounted to a little over £15. (This is the equivalent of about £930 today.) The committee of the Nursing Association feel that their best thanks are due to all who combined to assure such a great success.

A whist marker

Christmas School Treats – 1863

“Mr C J Crump begs to inform managers of Schools that he is prepared to attend parties with his Dissolving Apparatus and Illustrations of the most Popular Subjects of the Day.” The “dissolving apparatus” was another name for a magic lantern show where one projected slide transitions into another. Magic lantern projectors were first introduced in the 17th century as entertainment but by the Victorian period they were increasingly used for educational purposes. You can imagine the children at the school being treated to a show for Christmas and being fascinated by the moving images!

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