The Ladies of Lydiard

This week I am thrilled to announce the publication of my book The Ladies of Lydiard, which has been my work in progress for several years.

The St. John family who owned Lydiard House and Park for more than 500 years were an extraordinary family. Related to royalty they were both famous and notorious in equal measure. The lives of the St. John men have been well documented, but I wanted to know about their wives and daughters and the stories behind the spectacular portraits in Lydiard House.

The Ladies of Lydiard is published this week by Hobnob Press and is available online at Amazon both here and in the US and Australia.

The cover girl on The Ladies of Lydiard is Anne Leighton, wife of Sir John St. John, 1st Baronet and if you think she looks a bit Tudorish – well there could be a reason for that!