Lydiard Park Friends

The Charity

The Friends of Lydiard Park is an independent charity dedicated to supporting the conservation and continued enhancement of Lydiard House and Park. Founded in 2005 it is the successor to the Friends of Lydiard Tregoz whose 40 years of published research raised awareness and appreciation of this unique historic estate.

The Friends were instrumental in Lydiard's major landscape restoration project (2001-7) and today we play an active and important role in the protection, promotion, conservation and interpretation of the House and Park and St. Mary's Church Lydiard Tregoze.

The Trustees


As an independent charity the Friends of Lydiard Park is managed by a board of Trustees. The trustees meet regularly to organise events, raise funds and discuss issues related to the House and Park. The board also has a secretary and treasurer.

The present Trustees are:

                                              Frances Bevan
                                              Mike Bowden
                                              Sarah Finch Crisp
                                              Michael Gray
                                              Julie Holland
                                              Robert Hook
                                              Alastair Stevenson
                                              Per-Axel Warensjo

The Members

The membership is made up of a wide variety of people from many different walks of life. Some have connections with the St.John family - including Leighton, Grandison and Pleydell. Some have connections with the Lydiard Estate and its surrounding villages, like Hook, Lydiard Millicent, and Purton. Some have interests in the House and Gardens, and some have interests in the Church and its amazing monuments. Most members live locally, but several come from other areas including members from the USA and Australia.

Our Supporters

We are very grateful to the help and support we get from local publications. These include 'The Swindon Link' and 'Swindon Heritage'.

Funds raised through membership help finance work that might otherwise not be possible.